This project was the second phase of the Shrewsbury ITP awarded to McPhillips following completion of an earlier package of works to key road junctions in Shrewsbury.  The scheme was delivered on an NEC Option B contract and was designed to improve pedestrian and public realm facilities at three sites in Shrewsbury Town Centre these being Murivance, Claremont Bank and Town Walls/Belmont.  In addition to the original work packages significant additional work in Pride Hill was instructed to McPhillips mid-project.

The work in Murivance near to Shrewsbury High School involved narrowing the existing carriageway along 40m of its length and replacing the existing footway paving with 75mm thick Yorkstone slabs on a 150mm concrete sub-base with 30mm granular screed and a cementitious jointing grout, Yorkstone footway setts and tactile flags were installed at uncontrolled crossing points.  New LED lighting columns and road signs were installed and the carriageway was resurfaced using 60mm binder and 40mm SMA.

The Claremont Bank and St Chad’s Terrace phase involved the largest section of work and required kerb re-alignments to narrow the existing two-way carriageway down to a signal lane one-way route with a corresponding increase in the width of the footways.  Yorkstone flags, setts and kerbs were combined Chinese granite flags, setts and kerbs in the new footways.  New carrier drains and gulleys were constructed and a Toucan crossing was installed.  Existing carriageway was planed to a depth of 100mm and following the kerb realignments was resurfaced.  LED lighting columns were installed along with new tree pits, assorted street furniture, signage and road markings.

The section of work in Town Walls and Belmont involved carriageway planning and resurfacing while new Yorkstone flags, setts and kerbs replaced the existing concrete paving.

In addition to the scheduled work McPhillips were instructed to carry out an additional package of aesthetic and sub strata upgrades to surfaces in the main pedestrianised retail area of Shrewsbury Town Centre’s Pride Hill.  Working in isolated areas no larger than 40m and maintaining pedestrian routes along the street these works involved the removal of old red concrete brick paviours and replacement with natural sandstone slabs to shop frontages to replicate footways and use of a five colour mix of granite setts in the centre where delivery traffic to shops will travel.  All materials were laid on concrete bed and concrete mortar and then jointed using a cementitious grout.  New slot drainage was installed for its ability to blend with the paving products.  Most of the existing lighting was situated on existing shop frontages and these lanterns were replaced with LED lighting in-keeping with the character of the properties.  3nr additional lighting columns were also erected.  The street scene was completed with the installation of new litter bins, stainless steel cycle stands, bespoke seating and planters.

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