McPhillips’ Poet

At McPhillips we’re big on skilled in-house resources but little did we realise that we’ve got a budding bard amongst us.

During the initial pandemic lockdown Stores Co-ordinator Chris Thomson took to writing poetry on Facebook to pass the time and these verses were used in his book ‘Lockdown 2020: 5 Minute Poems’ which has recently been published on Amazon.

Chris said: “At the start of the first lockdown I was catching up with DIY, making music videos and spending time with the family. Then I started writing for a few minutes at a time.”

“I thought I’d post them on Facebook to amuse people as all we were hearing was bad news about this awful disease. I thought it would take people’s minds off it because we were all upset about what was happening. I quite enjoyed doing it.”

“I was very relieved to get back to my job though. Mentally I found it a struggle like many of us towards the end of my time off. It has been challenging for everybody.”

Chris plans to donate part of the proceeds from ‘Lockdown 2020: 5 Minute Poems’ to the charity Mental Health Foundation.


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