Contract Awarded for York’s Bridge

At McPhillips we are pleased to have been awarded a contract by Walsall Council to construct a new bridge carrying Norton Road over the Wyrley & Essington Canal north of Pelsall.

Currently Norton Road crosses the canal using the historic York’s Bridge and this new project retains the existing bridge while creating a healthier and safer environment for people to walk and cycle and for traffic moving through the area.

The existing York’s Bridge dates back to the mid 1800’s and its brick arch construction, poor alignment, single lane width and lack of footways make it unsuitable for modern traffic and unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge structure has suffered over recent decades and continues to weaken. It is subject to a 7.5 tonne weight limit and will be retained for access to existing properties.

The new bridge will be constructed to the east of the existing bridge and will require the realignment of Norton Road. It will be 40m long and will carry two-way traffic on a 7.3m wide carriageway with a 2m wide footway on the west side.

The completed scheme has been designed to provide:
• Safety improvements for road users, with two lanes and better visibility
• New and enhanced pedestrian footways
• Street lighting improvements
• New access for the Fingerpost Public House and existing residential properties
• New parking bays for users of the nearby common land
• Enhanced longevity for the existing historic bridge
• Aesthetic enhancements to the surrounding landscaping


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