Celebrating women in construction with Ellie-Mae Smith

Why did you choose a career in the construction industry?
I chose a career in the construction industry as there are always opportunities to learn and progress further. Jobs in the industry often offer competitive salaries, benefits and degree funding.

What’s it like working as a woman in construction?
Working as a woman in construction is rewarding, whilst the job itself isn’t easy it certainly keeps you on your toes.

What are the advantages of being a woman in the construction industry?
To be honest, I feel there are no advantages to being a woman in the industry. I have had the same opportunities and have always felt equal to male colleagues, which, I believe is fair.

What is the best part of your job?
Problem solving. The majority of the time no two projects are the same. As a result of this, experience is always being gained through different ways of working through challenges. I also enjoy the mixture of being in the office and onsite.

What would you say to other women wanting to work in this industry?
Go for it! Times have definitely changed for the better it’s not as abnormal or daunting as you may think.

How do you think construction can attract more female candidates?
More information provided to women with regards to the different job roles that are actually available in the construction industry. I feel most women aren’t aware that you can work in the industry without physically working as a trade onsite getting your hands dirty.

What woman has inspired you the most in your career?
Definitely my mom who also works in the construction industry and has done from a young age. She has taught me so much and invested a lot of time into my development over the years.

What is the best career advice you ever received?
Always be confident in what you do but never be afraid to ask questions, it’s the best way to learn.


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