Bright idea reduces risk

We actively encourage our teams to suggest ideas through our Bright Ideas Programme. For example, this could be making changes to the way we do things to make them safer, help the environment or increase efficiencies thereby saving time or money.

Step forwards Site Manager Phil Bennet…

In Birmingham and other city / town centres where we regularly work there are many utilities underground. Some of the hidden services have the added potential to cause harm, gas – explosion, electric – shock. The dangers of us driving steel setting out pins into the ground are obvious, electric shock is likely if unlucky.

McPhillips Health & Safety Manager Stuart Bishop congratulates Site Manager Phill Bennet

Phil’s bright idea was to suggest we move to an alternative to steel pins by using fibre glass non-conductive pins. We have decided to trial fibre glass pins in different diameters to establish the most suitable. By switching over to these pins we can reduce the likelihood of shock and injury at little additional cost.

Well done Phil!


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