Ashted Circus completion nears

McPhillips is currently in the process of completing Birmingham City Council’s Ashted Circus Ring Road Pinch Point Scheme on the north east section of the A4540 Birmingham ring road.

We have designed and constructed these junction improvement works to reduce congestion and improve access to Aston University and Birmingham City University, Eastside, and the planned Curzon Street High Speed 2 station.

The last 12 months have seen conversion of the existing 4-leg roundabout with pedestrian underpasses to a signalised cross road junction requiring over 10,000m3 of fill before the new highway and shared use footways/cycleways could be constructed at road level.

Working with Birmingham City Council’s Employment Access Team we’ve been proud to provide over 600 person days targeted recruitment and training on the scheme for new industry entrants living in Birmingham postcodes.


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