An Interview With Pete Croft, Dogs Trust

Pete Croft was Dogs Trust’s Building Surveyor responsible for the redevelopment of the existing Canine Rehoming Centre near Darlington, County Durham delivered by  McPhillips as principal contractor.  More about this project can be found using this link Dogs Trust Darlington.

Pete, thanks for giving us feedback and can you provide a brief description of the project?

The project was a 2-phase redevelopment of the existing Dogs Trust Darlington centre. Phase 1 entailed the creation of 2 specialist kennelling blocks and 2 new Intake blocks for new canine arrivals.

Phase 2 entailed knocking down kennelling facilities and creation of a new rehoming block as well as ancillary works to existing buildings.

What do you look for in a principal contractor / partner and do McPhillips tick these boxes?

We look for a contractor who cares about the project from inception to end of defects (and beyond if necessary).

A contractor who isn’t too big and gives a personal touch to a project but be able to mobilise for the scale of the works required. McPhillips certainly tick these boxes.

How easy was it to work with McPhillips’ project and site management team?

We worked with McPhillips from the design stages, along with our other professional designers. This enabled the whole team to be aware of the common goal so communication was good throughout with all.

How did McPhillips manage:

  • Time/programme – The project was broadly on time except when Covid hit. McPhillips, although having to close the site, adjusted well to an elongated programme.
  • Costs – The PQS and CQS worked together on all stages of the contract. This virtually eliminated all cost conflict.
  • Health & safety – All generally ok with no issues.  Dealt with Covid restrictions well.
  • Environment – All ok.
  • Supply chain – All ok.  Dealt with Covid supply chain issues as well as they could.
  • Workmanship & defects – As with all projects of this size there were defects that were dealt with at a steady pace.
  • Project change – McPhillips are well prepared for change when working with us as a client!
  • Relationships with Dogs Trust project team and centre staff – Good, worked well with the client and the operators on site were always happy to help the staff around the dogs part of the site.

What were the biggest challenges you faced and was there anything that didn’t go to plan?

The project was the first with a new mechanical contractor on an extremely complicated and bespoke building.

How did McPhillips help overcome these challenges?

There were additional meetings required on this part to achieve the outcome.

What would you say to someone thinking of employing McPhillips on a project?

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


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