McPhillips were commissioned to undertake the Capital Works Element (refurbishment works) to three leisure centres run by Freedom Leisure in South Somerset. Two of the centres were situated in Yeovil (Goldenstones and Westlands), the other in Wincanton. We worked alongside the clients PSDS appointed Mechanical & Electrical Contractor (Lorne Stewart) undertaking energy saving installation works.

The works comprised of:

Refurbishment of gym
Construction of new spin studio with store room
Increase size of aerobics studio utilising the pool viewing area
Created a new reception area
Refurbishment of the back of house facilities
Upgrade of the disabled changing areas
Upgrade of the wet changing area
Installation swimming pool seating

Enlarged and refurbished the gym area
Construction of a new aerobics studio
Refurbishment of the existing dance Studio

Relocation and enlargement of the gym
Construction of new spin studio
Creation of new storage facilities to the sport hall
Refurbishment of the aerobics studio
Provide a new reception desk and finishes to the lobby area
Install a new hygienic ceiling into the wet changing area

The challenges

The biggest challenge faced by our teams across all three centres was completing our works in a live leisure environment. A key consideration from the outset was how to keep the facilities running for members without compromising our work.

During our work at the Goldenstones centre we had to keep a swimming pool live whilst refurbishing the changing rooms. An additional challenge faced by our team at Goldstones was the realisation that the changing room structure was incorporated with the concrete substructure.

The solutions

In order to minimise disruption, we worked closely with centre managers and staff to devise walkways for public and staff areas. At Goldenstones we erected temporary screens, signage and barriers to maintain the swimming pool live use.

To mitigate against the severe disruption of noise and dust whilst taking out the concrete plinths at Goldenstones, our team worked from 10pm through to 6am.

The result

The project was completed within the budget. We were subsequently asked by the client to undertake further works to aid the PSDS elements (Leisure Energy Saving Plant). Feedback from the centres has been positive.

McPhillips Quantity Surveyor Doug Hampson commented: “We were presented with a few challenges throughout these works, particularly when trying to keep facilities open to members. However, our teams did a fantastic job in finding solutions that worked for all parties.”

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